Mt. Rainier - Wednesday
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Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday
Wednesday was a big day that started really early. It was difficult to sleep to say the least. None of got much sleep. We got up around 12:30, hoping to depart by 1. Derek slowed us down a little and we didn't leave until 1:45. It was all uphill from there. And steep uphill at that. There were two teams ahead of us, but we passed them up somewhere on trail because we were the first to make it to the top. We watched the sunrise at 5 am sharp and we were at the top by 6. It was not easy. We made it from Ingraham Flats to the summit in about 4 hours. That's REALLY fast. We had talked to some climbers on Monday and they said it had taken them 7 hours to get from Ingraham Flats to the summit. So, I didn't slow us down that much. It was absolutely beautiful at the top. You could see almost all of western Washington, and all the way to Mt. Hood in Oregon. I could make out Puget Sound and thought I could see Tacoma. We all signed the log at the top and shortly after that, I puked. It was probably a combination of the altitude and the physical stress I put myself through. All I puked was water, because I had hardly eaten anything. I felt a little better after that. The way down was LONG. We took a long break back at our camp at Ingraham Flats and that seemed to rejuvinate us all. The snow from Muir down sucked really bad and it was difficult to find a stable foothold. It was long, but it was finally over. It was one of the hardest things I've done in my life, but it was worth it. If I'm going to do this again, I'm going to physically prepare myself better.

rainier55.jpg rainier56.jpg rainier57.jpg rainier58.jpg rainier59.jpg
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rainier65.jpg rainier66.jpg rainier67.jpg rainier68.jpg rainier69.jpg
rainier70.jpg rainier71.jpg rainier72.jpg rainier89.jpg rainier90.jpg
rainier91.jpg rainier92.jpg rainier93.jpg rainier94.jpg rainier95.jpg
rainier96.jpg rainier97.jpg rainier98.jpg rainier99.jpg rainier100.jpg
rainier101.jpg rainier102.jpg rainier103.jpg rainier104.jpg rainier105.jpg
rainier106.jpg rainier107.jpg rainier115.jpg rainier116.jpg rainier150.jpg
rainier151.jpg rainier152.jpg rainier153.jpg rainier154.jpg rainier155.jpg
rainier156.jpg rainier157.jpg rainier158.jpg rainier159.jpg rainier160.jpg
rainier161.jpg rainier162.jpg rainier163.jpg rainier164.jpg rainier165.jpg
rainier166.jpg rainier167.jpg rainier168.jpg rainier169.jpg rainier170.jpg
rainier171.jpg rainier172.jpg rainier173.jpg rainier174.jpg rainier175.jpg
rainier176.jpg rainier177.jpg rainier178.jpg rainier179.jpg rainier180.jpg
rainier181.jpg rainier182.jpg rainier183.jpg rainier184.jpg rainier185.jpg
rainier186.jpg rainier187.jpg rainier188.jpg rainier189.jpg rainier190.jpg
rainier191.jpg rainier192.jpg rainier193.jpg rainier194.jpg rainier195.jpg
rainier196.jpg rainier197.jpg rainier198.jpg rainier199.jpg rainier200.jpg
rainier201.jpg rainier202.jpg rainier203.jpg rainier204.jpg rainier205.jpg
rainier206.jpg rainier207.jpg

360 Degree View
Edge of Crater
Center of Crater
Summit - 14,411 ft
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