Mt. Rainier - Monday
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Here's the story. Derek, Tysen, Bro. White, and I wanted to go for a little hike. We wanted to do something big, so we picked the biggest mountain in the state of Washington. The hike started in the early evening hours of Monday, June 18. We hiked until it was dark and then found a spot to pitch our tents in the protection of some big rocks. It was somewhere on the Muir snowfields below Camp Muir. It was cold that night. You can see the view from our campsite in the 360 degree view below.

rainier1.jpg rainier2.jpg rainier3.jpg rainier4.jpg rainier5.jpg
rainier6.jpg rainier7.jpg rainier8.jpg rainier9.jpg rainier10.jpg
rainier11.jpg rainier12.jpg rainier13.jpg rainier14.jpg rainier15.jpg
rainier16.jpg rainier17.jpg rainier18.jpg rainier19.jpg rainier20.jpg
rainier21.jpg rainier22.jpg rainier73.jpg rainier74.jpg rainier75.jpg
rainier76.jpg rainier77.jpg rainier78.jpg rainier79.jpg rainier80.jpg
rainier81.jpg rainier82.jpg rainier83.jpg rainier117.jpg rainier118.jpg
rainier119.jpg rainier120.jpg rainier121.jpg rainier122.jpg rainier123.jpg
rainier124.jpg rainier125.jpg rainier126.jpg rainier127.jpg rainier128.jpg

360 Degree View
First Campsite
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday
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