Mt. Rainier - Tuesday
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On Tuesday, we woke up around 9 am and ate some breakfast. Bro. White cooked up some snow for his breakfast, there was plenty to go around. Then we packed up camp and started for Camp Muir. It was another 2-3 hours away from where we camped. That was one of the hardest parts of the hike because we were hiking with our full packs on. I was exhausted when we got to Muir and was relieved when we took a short break. At those kinds of times, you can't believe how comfortable rocks can be! We weren't done when we got to Muir, we still wanted to go all the way to Ingraham Flats. We had to traverse across a big glacier and dodge some nasty looking crevasses. It was so hot going across this part that I had to shed a layer. We made it to Ingraham Flats and had made camp by 5 pm or so. We could look up and see the trail up to the summit. We cooked dinner and went to bed early in preparation for the early start we would be taking the next day.

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rainier43.jpg rainier44.jpg rainier45.jpg rainier46.jpg rainier47.jpg
rainier48.jpg rainier49.jpg rainier50.jpg rainier51.jpg rainier52.jpg
rainier53.jpg rainier54.jpg rainier84.jpg rainier85.jpg rainier86.jpg
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rainier130.jpg rainier131.jpg rainier132.jpg rainier133.jpg rainier134.jpg
rainier135.jpg rainier136.jpg rainier137.jpg rainier138.jpg rainier139.jpg
rainier140.jpg rainier141.jpg rainier142.jpg rainier143.jpg rainier144.jpg
rainier145.jpg rainier146.jpg rainier147.jpg rainier148.jpg rainier149.jpg

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday
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