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Here's the story. In pictures at least. These pictures have been edited for optimum viewing size on the internet. They are not at full quality. If you want to see a picture at full quality please email me. The full size pictures are much bigger and much more prettier.
party1.jpg party2.jpg party3.jpg party4.jpg party5.jpg
party6.jpg party7.jpg party8.jpg party9.jpg party10.jpg
party11.jpg party12.jpg party13.jpg party14.jpg party15.jpg
party16.jpg party17.jpg party18.jpg party19.jpg party20.jpg
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party31.jpg party32.jpg party33.jpg party34.jpg party35.jpg
party36.jpg party37.jpg party38.jpg party39.jpg party40.jpg
party41.jpg party42.jpg party43.jpg party44.jpg party45.jpg
party46.jpg party47.jpg party48.jpg party49.jpg party50.jpg
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